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Telesign provides CPaaS, SMS, and phone number verification solutions for business. I helped optimize Telesign's site and collaborated on content that focused on the benefits of SMS messaging and phone number verification for business.  

Read samples of content I directly contributed to below, or click the button to read the full Telesign blog. 


Spinnaker Support offers third-party software support for users who run older versions of Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, or Salesforce. It's not always necessary to run the most current version of these platforms - Spinnaker Support offers third-party software support for businesses looking to temporarily cut costs. 

Third-party software support is not well known in the business community, and the "big guys" have been known deploy scare tactics to businesses seeking software alternatives. I worked with Spinnaker Support to create and distribute content that boosted consumer confidence in third-party software support. ​

Below are links to a white paper and ebook designed to help SAP and Oracle users understand the truth about terminating their a maintenance contract. Click the button to explore the full Spinnaker Support blog. 



Sanity Solutions specializes in comprehensive solutions and services for business's IT and data management needs. My role is to help Sanity Solutions create content to help showcase the brand as industry leaders. 

Read top posts below, or click the button to read the full blog. 

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Strategus provides OTT/CTV programmatic advertising, optimization, target, reporting, and analysis solutions. 

I developed a content and blog strategy, as well as education that helped increase organic search results.  

View pages I supported below, or click the button to view the current blog. 

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